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So you are finding a date and have decided

So you are finding a date and have decided that you want to check out the online dating seeking scene? You have subscribed to a dating site and browsed through some profiles and have finally found someone you fancy getting to know better. Now you are wonder what do I say? Usually you need to fill on an online form that leaves a message for the person you want to correspond with as most sites do not allow you to see a users personal e mail address. Dont get nervous, it is really easy, so try to stay calm when writing the initial email.

Here are some which can help you write an e mail which will catch the attention of the reader.

It is best to write a draft first and then edit it. Make sure you keep it interesting, simple and light. It is important that you dont come across to strongly and write this email in a positive tone. Most people like individuals who see the glass as half full. Usually people who subscribe to online dating seeking websites are looking for people who are interesting and down to earth.

The content of your e mail should not be too detailed or personal. Usually the initial email should be about four to five paragraphs and contain some questions which help to instigate a conversation and prompts the reader to reply. It also gives the reader the impression that you really want to know the person a bit better; however, it is important that you dont ask questions already answered in the profile of this person. If you find you dont really know what to ask then you can use the profile of the person you are writing to and ask to expand on something they already stated in their profile.

Usually a good place to start this email is to say where you have been brought up and your occupation, etc. Then you should mention your family and pets. After this you should say something about your interests. Make sure you mention things that are really important for you, for example, a pet. You may be an animal lover but the person you are writing this e mail to may have zoophobia. Such questions should be asked in a light hearted manner and the answers will help you to decide if you should pursue e mailing this person.

Finally you should talk about the kind of relationship you are looking from the online dating seeking website and enquire about anything you want to ask. Remember not to ask personal questions about past relationships or mention any thing about your own personal relationships. Make sure you ask plenty of questions that are open ended and cannot be answered by yes or no answers, for example, what kind of music they like and why?.

Just remember to keep it light and simple and you will most certainly get a reply, then it is up to you if you want to carry on corresponding.

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