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Most pictures are made using a device called camera

Photography: shows your creativity

Photography has affected our lives greatly. It recorded the scenes in history and Priceless memories that have touched us lot in our life.

Photography is the process of recording visual images by capturing light rays on a light-sensitive recording medium, such as a film or electronic sensor. Photography has a wonderful way of capturing reality. It allows us to set free our creativity without having to master a technique, such as painting or sculpting. Even the most ordinary subject can become beautiful from the right angle in photography.

Photographers successfully draw on feelings and memories that are common to everyone. Using unique scenes to pull on common emotions allows a photographer to attract a wide variety of people who respond powerfully to the photographs.

Photography is the science of capturing light onto a piece of sliver halide emulsion or film. It is the art of recording an image in history which we find captivating, amusing, or thought-provoking and provides us with a true-to-life image.

Most pictures are made using a device called camera. A camera works somewhat like the human eye, capturing reflected light from objects, through a camera lens and focusing those light rays into an image. Traditionally, cameras recorded the image onto film and with technological advancements; modern day cameras store images in computer chips.

Photography has become an art form in many different types. Different types of Photography are: Artistic Photography, Photojournalism, Documentary Photography Portrait Photography, Event Photography, Family Photography, Nature Photography, Advertising Photography, Underwater Photography, Satellite Photography and more.

Making of a Memorable Photograph
A memorable photograph is a work of art. To create a beautiful work of art in a photograph, you must give importance on colors, images, emotions and have a proper planning.

In addition, the angle from which the photograph is taken can greatly influence the viewer's understanding and emotional reaction. A normal, everyday item shot from a new angle makes ordinary moments interesting to the viewers.  

Photography might not be considered beautiful at all, but a good one is certainly interesting. It is interesting because it shows something we haven't seen before. For example- war or natural disaster photograph.

So if you are photographer having unique images and want to showcase your talent, you can join a competition and can send your photographs to various online competitions.

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